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Great success in Abstract submission!

We received 424 abstracts from over 50 countries.

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committee, we would like thank all the colleagues that contributed to this great result!

Oral and poster presentation guidelines will be sent to authors by March 15, 2016.

Abstract Review Committee is working to select 3 best abstracts from the authors who applied for the Heinrich Becker Young Investigator Awards for Research and Clinical Innovation.



Take part to the 19th WCBIP/WCBE World Congress by submitting an abstract.


  • Abstract must be submitted in English
  • Abstract submission must be completed online at http://abstract.wcbipwcbe2016.org/login.php
  • The presenting Author must be registered as participants to the World Congress
  • If accepted, abstract can be presented as posters or oral presentations*
  • Abstracts must be in the areas of interventional pulmonology, laryngology, pleural diseases, tracheobronchology, thoracic surgery and/or esophagology
  • Abstract must contain original data, not previously published or presented, and be free of plagiarism
  • Similar abstracts can not be submitted for the same Authors
  • Abbreviations should be defined

*The Scientific Committee of the Congress will make the final decision about the presentation format of the abstract (poster or oral presentation).

Authors are requested to follow the guidelines as below.

Abstracts should have a clear hypothesis and methodology, list all authors’ names and institutions, and designate a corresponding author. The linguistic accuracy of the abstract is the responsibility of the authors.

ABSTRACT TITLE: title should begin with capital letter followed by the lower case lettering. Title length is limited to 100 characters (spaces included).

AUTHORS: some authors’ information can be included:

  • Authors’ full name and surname
  • Affiliations: include department, institute/university, city, country
  • Name, surname and e-mail address of presenting author

LENGTH: the body of text can be a maximum of 400 words and include up to 2 references and 1 figure or table. References and figures/tables do not count towards the total word count.

STRUCTURE: abstracts should be written in a structured format and include:

  • BACKGROUND/INTRODUCTION: it should be summarized the current knowledge or “state of the art” in relation to the work.
  • OBJECTIVES: it should be stated the aim of the study.
  • METHODS: it should be summarized the design of the study, the context in which it was done, the type of patients or measurements that were included.
  • RESULTS: this section should describe the main results of the study.
  • CONCLUSIONS: this section should summarize findings of the study and their potential implications.

Case reports are also acceptable and they should be structured as follows: Background/Introduction, Case report and Conclusion.

REFERENCES (optional): authors can insert up to 2 references if considered important for the study. References must be cited as follows: Jones A, et al. Lancet 2012; 378:1-5.
They must be maximum 30 words count.

FIGURE/TABLE: authors can include up to 1 figure OR 1 table. File must to be uploaded in “gif”, “png”, “jpg”, “jpeg” and “xls” (Excel 97-2004) File cannot have more than one figure/table.

DISCLOSURE OF FUNDING SOURCE(S): abstracts must provide the funding source (industry name, grant name, or other applicable funding) if one exist.
Commercial names, trade names and company brands should not be mentioned in the abstract title: however, they may be mentioned in the body of text.
Abstract containing elements that might lead to patient identification shall be disqualified.


  • Awards will be presented to those registered participants whose abstracts suggest a significant contribution through research or clinically innovative techniques to the fields of bronchology and interventional pulmonology
  • To be eligible for this award, the first author must be age 40 or younger
  • Visit reservered page for more information about these awards


  • Awards will be presented at only poster session whose presentation suggest a significant contribution through research or clinically innovative techniques to the fields of all the categories
  • To be eligible for this award, the first author must be age 40 or younger
  • Poster presentation will be finally reviewed by the WCBE Review Committee.


  • Abstract submissions will be reviewed by the Review Committee.

Authors are required to write an original abstract that fulfills accepted criteria for copyright purposes. All accepted abstracts will be published on Congress website.
By submitting an abstract, all authors attest that the abstract submitted has not been previously published elsewhere and transfers, assigns, or otherwise conveys all copyright ownership, including any and all rights incidental thereto, exclusively to AIPO Ricerche Srl.

If an author chooses to submit information from an abstract that has previously been presented and/or published, all data must be updated, current, and rewritten in a manner that does not infringe on international copyri ght laws. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to include any copyrighted material in their abstract presentations. All authors will be required to agree to a copyright assign ment statement when submitting an abstract.

CONTACT: for any information or assistance please contact:

AIPO Ricerche Srl
Organizing Secretariat
19th WCBIP/WCBE World Congress

Tel. +39 02 36590364
Fax +39 02 67382337
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.